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A Funny Thing Happened on My Way to Learning about Meditation


A funny thing happened on my way to learning about meditation: I got more than I bargained for. My 1st introduction to meditation was in the 1980s through yoga, which became a dedicated practice I developed after many classes at Kripalu Center for Yoga.  That decade also took me to Mindfulness Based Stress [...]

A Funny Thing Happened on My Way to Learning about Meditation2020-08-03T23:06:26-04:00

Being Intimate With Our Experience


In this episode of the 10 Percent Happier Podcast with Dan Harris, New York Insight Teacher Sebene Selassie explores themes of belonging, identity and being intimate with our experiences.

Being Intimate With Our Experience2020-08-02T15:14:15-04:00

Liberation In Any Given Moment


In the midst of anxiety, anger, and uncertainty, what can we do to liberate ourselves from our reactivity? Ralph De La Rosa reflects on the different ways that we can get stuck in our ego and how we can find freedom by turning towards our difficult emotions, instead of running away from them.

Liberation In Any Given Moment2020-08-02T13:47:33-04:00

My True Dharma Home


Dear friends,I came to meditation through the yoga door some 25 years ago and loved it from the start. I became a voracious student, read everything I could get my hands on, and listened to many podcasts. At the end of my first year of meditation I began to attend workshops and eventually to [...]

My True Dharma Home2020-07-23T16:00:10-04:00

Feeling More Intimately Connected


Dear friends, I moved to New York hoping to find meaningful work and a community to support and deepen my meditation practice, as most of my experience had been of sitting alone. By the time I finally found my way to NYI, I had been unemployed for a few months. At first, I [...]

Feeling More Intimately Connected2020-07-20T19:19:45-04:00

Living in Unusual Times


    Dear Friends, There is so much happening for all of us that brings with it, uncertainty, isolation and fear. We are in the midst of the pandemic, protests, and the social justice movement. We are living in unusual times. We have so many challenges, but this is a time where we can [...]

Living in Unusual Times2020-07-01T17:40:21-04:00

Our Collective Pain: What Is Needed Now?


  George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Sean Reed, and Tony McDade. These recent killings and the Central Park incident are all part of a long history of black people being brutalized, de-legitimized and seen as less than. This pain and grief does not belong just to the black community. It is a collective pain. [...]

Our Collective Pain: What Is Needed Now?2020-07-05T09:36:01-04:00

Transforming Ourselves Transforms the World


by Lama Surya Das Sometimes sitting meditation seems useless when so much is going on around us. Is there another way to look at it? It’s true that sometimes meditation can seem like self-indulgent navel-gazing. Isn’t it more important to work for peace and justice, to strive to alleviate suffering, to actively address [...]

Transforming Ourselves Transforms the World2020-05-29T19:31:07-04:00
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