Venerable Sayalay Susīlā The Power of Mind


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New York Insight Meditation Center
28 West 27th St.,10th Fl.


Date(s) - 11/14/2017
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


New York Insight Meditation Center
28 West 27th St.,10th Fl.

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This evening will be taught by Venerable Sayalay Susīlā exploring: The Power of Mind

Mind is a powerful element that affects our whole being. However, the power of it is almost unknown. This talk will reveal to you how a wholesome mind can overcome obstacles that arise, while an unwholesome mind hastens the ripening of unwholesome results.

These teacher-led sittings provide an opportunity for the Sangha to meet with NYI teachers for meditation, a Dharma talk and dialogue to address practice issues.

Fee by donation: Suggested starting donation is $15. More is always welcome, and whatever you offer is greatly appreciated. No one will be turned away for lack of funds. For this event all donations are split evenly between the teacher and NYI.



Venerable Sayalay Susīlā

Sayalay SusilaVenerable Sayalay Susīlā is the founder of the Appamada Vihari Meditation Center, Penang, Malaysia. She was born in 1963, and ordained as a Theravada Buddhist nun in the Burmese tradition at the age of 28, in Malaysia. Sayalay began developing her keen interest in insight meditation while at the University of Science Malaysia, where she obtained a degree in mass communications in 1987. After graduation, Sayalay worked as a high school teacher for a year and a half. But disenchanted with worldly matters and desiring to be dedicated to the practice more than ever, she resigned her post to take up meditation full time. Six months after her ordination in 1991, she went to Panditarama Monastery in Myanmar, where she practiced intensively for nearly three years under the guidance of the famous meditation master Venerable U Pandita Sayadaw. In 1994, wishing to cultivate concentration meditation, Sayalay moved to Pa Auk Forest Monastery in Myanmar. She placed herself under the guidance of renowned monk, Venerable Pa Auk Sayadaw, and remained in the forest for 14 years. In addition to an assiduous program of meditation, she also learned the Abhidhamma, ancient discourses, and the Pāli language from Pak Auk Sayadaw. During her travels in Myanmar, she also practiced different meditation methods, such as those taught by Shwe Oo Min Sayadaw, Mogok Sayadaw, and Sayagyi U Ba Khin. As a result Sayalay has become an unusually accomplished teacher able to present the subtleties of the Buddha's teachings in a simple and direct way. In particular, she presents the most profound division of the teaching, the Abhidhamma, in a lucid manner grounded not in pedantic philosophy, but in actual meditation experience. Sayalay has traveled extensively as a meditation and Dhamma teacher, presenting the Abhidhamma and Sutta expositions in formal lectures and talks, and has conducted meditation retreats throughout the U.S., Canada, Australia, Taiwan, Latvia, Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia. She speaks fluent Chinese, English, Burmese, Hokkien, and Malay. Sayalay is the author of many books. Her publications include Unravelling the Mystery of Mind and Body through Abhidhamma (second edition), The path to Happiness, and Dhamma Essence Series, Contemplation of Feeling, Inner Exploration, and many other Chinese books.