WAIC UP- White Awareness Insight Curriculum for Uprooting Privilege

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New York Insight Meditation Center
28 West 27th St.,10th Fl.


Date(s) - 02/28/2018
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm




New York Insight Meditation Center
28 West 27th St.,10th Fl.

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WAIC UP – White Awareness Insight Curriculum for Uprooting Privilege

with Amy Selzer and Janusz Welin

As with all forms of suffering, the Dharma offers enormous gifts to meet the ongoing reality of racial suffering.

This is no less true for members of the white majority who participate, often unconsciously, in racial harm. The white person’s version of racial suffering is complex and potentially difficult to name, bound as it is in unconsciousness, denial, guilt, hatred (even self-hatred) and overwhelm.

Dharma practice affords the opportunity to turn towards these difficulties and with mindful, loving attention, investigate deeply, dispel our ignorance, allow our hearts to break, and learn to respond with wisdom and compassion.

This five week curriculum (adapted from the 8 month curriculum of the same name) will focus on meditation, in class discussion, videos, readings and meditation assignments between classes.

As we recognize that this can be an extremely challenging subject for some, we will bring a trauma informed approach, working to cultivate a non-judgmental atmosphere of compassion. We will also emphasize peer led team learning so as to encourage a non-passive engagement with this material.

Meeting Dates:

2/28, 3/7, 3/14, 3/21, 3/28

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Amy Selzer

Amy SelzerAmy Selzer has been practicing vipassana meditation since 2002. She has completed two year-long classes on Integrated Study and Practice with Andrew Olendski. Currently, she is part of the Community Dharma Leaders teaching program. She has led groups for the past 12 years and now teaches in several NYI sanghas. Amy’s former career was team teaching young children in an inclusion program comprised of children with and without special needs. In addition, she worked with and supported their parents. Her love of teaching continues. She is particularly passionate about the dharma and bringing it into the lives of the aging population as well as to all other practitioners.

Janusz Welin

Janusz WelinJanusz Welin is a Brooklyn based mindfulness meditation teacher specializing in creativity practices, emotional and group intelligence practices, and the ways meditation can facilitate social justice work. Janusz has nearly a decade of dedicated mindfulness practice in the insight meditation tradition. Janusz specializes in one-on-one meditation mentorship (via skype) and developing custom meditation courses and strategies for individuals and organizations. He has gone through over 1,000 hours of formal training in teaching meditation, one-on-one meditation mentorship, and community dharma leadership. He has studied with George Haas, JoAnna Harper, Sayadaw U Indaka, Noah Levine, Gina Sharpe, Sayadaw U Tejaniya, Larry Yang and Shinzen Young and has done trainings with Jack Kornfield, Sharon Salzburg, Tara Brach and others. Janusz is a teacher of secular mindfulness through Shinzen Young's Universal Mindfulness system and has also been empowered to teach by Spirit Rock Insight Meditation Center. He is empowered through Against the Stream Buddhist Meditation Society as a Meditation Mentor. Janusz received two bachelor degrees in fine art from Maryland Institute College of Art, specializing in immersive installation and conceptual sculpture.