Cultivating the Five Spiritual Powers – A POC Daylong

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Cultivating the Five Spiritual Powers – A Person of Color (POC) Daylong
with nakawe cuebas and Wildecy de Fátima Jury
Sunday, July 14th, 2019 | 10:00am – 5:00pm


Every day we face challenges that agitate and prevent us from maintaining a consistent, fruitful meditation practice and hinder us from evolving on a spiritual path.

In Buddhism these obstacles are called the Five Mental Hindrances that congest the mind and obscure our ability to see clearly. These Five Mental Hindrances are: Sensual desire; Ill-will; Sloth and Torpor; Restlessness and Skeptical Doubt. The presence of these Five Mental Hindrances keep our minds scattered and agitated.

These Five Mental Hindrances can be untangled through the cultivation of the Five Spiritual Faculties (indriya) that, when strengthened, become five spiritual powers. In Buddhism, these Five Spiritual Faculties are: Faith, Energy, Mindfulness, Concentration and Wisdom. The cultivation of these qualities clears the mind, deepens concentration, inhibits suffering, expands spiritual growth and gives birth to enlightenment.

In this daylong we will be exploring how the Five Spiritual Faculties can be used to work with the hindrances in our everyday world. We will reflect as a POC group on how to free ourselves from these Hindrances and how to empower ourselves with the Five Spiritual Faculties.

This daylong will be offered for POC who wants to deepen their practice and their connection with a sangha. There will be sitting and walking practice, dharma talks, dyads and group exercises. We will provide a tender, safe and a nurturing atmosphere.


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Wildecy de Fátima Jury

Wildecy de Fátima Jury has been formally practicing Theravada/Vipassana meditation since 2000. She graduated from the Dedicated Practitioner Program and the Community Dharma Leader Program at Spirit Rock – an Insight Meditation Center, in California. In 2015, she received a non-monastic ordination through the Dharmacharya Program with the Venerables Pannavati and Pannadipa. She has taught at East Bay Meditation Center (EBMC in Oakland, CA), InsightLA, New York Insight, Harlem Insight, and several meditation centers in Brazil. At the moment she is attending the Sacred Mountain Sangha Dharmapala Training with teachers Thanissara and Kittisaro.

She has studied different spiritual practices and as a spiritual practitioner she has worked with many multicultural communities and groups. Her intention is to remain active in creating sanghas that cultivate generosity, compassion, forgiveness, unity and deconstruct an oppressive mind and social paradigms. She holds a BA in Psychology and Women’s Study and a Master in Social Work. She is certified in Aboriginal Focusing Oriented Therapy through the Justice Institute in Vancouver, BC. She is an artist, a writer, and a poet.