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Ehipassiko — Come and See for Yourself


Dharma in Dialogue: Mythbusting the Dharma
Bodhipaksa, James Shaheen
Fee by donation, no pre-registration required

October 9, 2015
07:00 pm - 09:00 pm

NYI's Dharma in Dialogue series brings together Dharma leaders with teachers, experts, and thinkers from various disciplines and traditions to explore how the teachings of the Buddha connect to our modern world. 

Despite what you may have read, the Buddha never taught that there is no self. Nor did he assert that “our thoughts create the world.”

Our Dharma in Dialogue series continues with a discussion of how our contemporary understandings of the Dharma are filtered by millennia of interpretation and commentary, and even distorted by misquotations and mistranslations—some of them willful.

James Shaheen, editor of Tricycle magazine, has been running a series of articles exploring these misunderstandings, under the title “What the Buddha Never Said,” with contributions from luminaries such as Bhikkhus Bodhi and Thanissaro. Bodhipaksa, a Buddhist teacher and author, has been exploring quotations that have been falsely attributed to the Buddha, in his popular blog,

Join these two communicators in a fascinating discussion of the joys and pitfalls of attempting to “mythbust” the Dharma.

Fee by donation: Suggested starting donation is $15 but whatever you offer is greatly appreciated and no one is ever turned away for lack of funds. For this event  all donations are split evenly between the teacher(s) and NYI.


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Bodhipaksa Bodhipaksa was born in Scotland, in 1961. He has been practicing Buddhist meditation since 1982, and became a member of the Triratna Buddhist Order in 1993. He formerly ran a retreat center in the Scottish Highlands,  taught meditation as part of the University of Montana's religious studies program, and has also taught  in prisons in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. He now promotes the practice of meditation on his website, Wildmind. Bodhipaksa is  the author of more than a dozen books and audiobooks on meditation and Buddhism. He lives in New Hampshire, and  teaches at Aryaloka Buddhist Center in Newmarket. He has two young children.

James Shaheen

James Shaheen James Shaheen is editor and publisher of Tricycle: The Buddhist Review, an international quarterly magazine devoted to making Buddhist teachings accessible to the general public in forms relevant to contemporary life. James joined Tricycle in 1996 and in recent years has focused on developing Tricycle’s growing online community at James also serves as executive director of the Tricycle Foundation, the not-for-profit organization that publishes Tricycle.

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