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Ehipassiko — Come and See for Yourself


Liberation Today — Awakening, Past and Present …
Shinzen Young
Co-sponsored by Dharma Punx NYC
Saturday and Sunday, 10am-5pm both days
Doors open at 9:30am both days

March 7, 2015 - March 8, 2015
10:00 am - 05:00 pm

Online registration is now closed.
Walk-in registration is available via cash or check.

This program is being offered on a sliding scale basis that allows individuals to select a fee that best reflects their means. Any amount above the middle rate enables NYI to offer financial assistance to those who request it and goes to support additional programming at NYI.

This 2-day program will consider three questions about the nature of awakening and contrast various techniques culled from the history of liberation-oriented practice.

The Questions:

1. Do the 3 Vehicles of Buddhism lead to essentially similar experiences?

2. How do these experiences relate to those described in the mystical traditions of Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Hinduism? 

3. How feasible are these deep awakening experiences for a non-monastic/householder practitioners?

This weekend is suitable for practitioners of all levels.

Because of the unfolding nature of this course, Shinzen would prefer students attend both days.

Please note:
-As described above, this is a two-day event
-The event will start promptly at 10am, doors will open by 9:30am
-Please plan on being checked-in and seated by the start time
-You are encouraged to bring your own lunch
-Daylights Savings Time takes effect Sunday morning
-Please dress warmly in layers


All scholarships have been awarded for this event.


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Shinzen Young

Shinzen Young, the author of The Science of Enlightenment, is a meditation teacher and contemplative scholar.   Shinzen has trained extensively in each of the three major Buddhist meditative traditions: Vajrayana, Zen, and Vipassana. His intellectual interests include the dialogue between Eastern internal science and Western technological science.   Shinzen leads meditation retreats in the mindfulness tradition throughout the world, and has helped establish several centers and programs.  To learn more about Shinzen Young visit his website.

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