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Silent Peace Walk

This is a special event organized by Silent Peace Walks. For inquiries, please contact:

November 8, 2013
07:00 pm - 09:00 pm

We invite you to join us to experience the transformative power of peaceful silence.

Silent Peace Walks held its first North American gathering in 2012 in Central Park, New York City to demonstrate that peace is won by peacefulness.  The first walk focused on middle east peace.

The silence of that walk was so potent and unifying that we have opened to a broader vision to co-create spaces to practice peacefulness and transcend specific agendas or causes. We seek to build a grassroots movement that is grounded in the power and potential of silence.

This is a chance to experience peace and silence for yourself and to join with others to help promote peace throughout the world. 

Additionally we invite you to join us in launching what we hope will be a worldwide movement. We welcome your active involvement –-your contributions of energy, skills, and ideas-- as participants, organizers, and/or facilitators of Silent Peace Walks activities. 

Silent Peace Walks is a secular and participatory movement of silent walks and gatherings to encourage peace using the universal language and practice of silence.  As a non-sectarian and non-political project, our vision encompasses and moves beyond specific agendas or movements for change.  We welcome all people, from all world views, who want to co-create inclusive spaces to practice being peaceful amidst all they do, and bring that quality into positive action in the world.

Inclusive community: This is an opportunity to gather with no division or separation. Welcoming to All. We dissolve our barriers. 

Silent intention: Our teacher is silence. It is universal. It is unifying. 

Transformation: Trusting the transformative power of silence, we move forward in peaceful action to benefit ourselves and others. 

For more information, please visit us at and on Facebook at


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