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Ehipassiko — Come and See for Yourself


The Skill of Living
Peter Doobinin
Fee by donation; No registration necessary

October 18, 2013
07:00 pm - 09:00 pm

The Skill of Living is Peter Doobinin’s new dharma book.  This evening Peter will talk about some of the important themes discussed in the book.  We’ll learn about the Buddha’s path for developing the “skillful qualities.”  These qualities are considered “skillful” because, when  cultivated, they lead us to greater happiness.  In teaching the dharma in New York City for many years, Peter Doobinin has devoted much effort to showing people how to cultivate these skills while living as householders, with jobs, families, and myriad responsibilities, amidst the speed and complexity of the modern world.  The evening will include meditation, dharma talk and discussion.  Copies of The Skill of Living will be available for a contribution (dana) of your choosing.  All are welcome.

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Peter Doobinin Peter Doobinin is the author of The Skill of Living and the novel Suburban Boy.  His writing has appeared in the anthology Commit to Sit; Tricycle; The New York Times, and other publications.  The guiding teacher of Downtown Meditation Community, he’s been teaching the dharma, the Buddha’s path, in New York City for many years.  He is a co-founder of New York Insight Meditation Center, and in 2002 founded Downtown Meditation Community.  His vision, in leading a dharma community, is to help people to follow the Buddha’s path while living in the contemporary world.  He sees the community as a refuge, a place where people can practice the dharma together, support each other, and share in joyful companionship.

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