Here are recommendations to help you best prepare to join New York Insight events online. We encourage you to create a meditative space for yourself wherever you are, as if you are at an in-person event with us. We look forward to practicing with you!

Creating a Meditative Space at Home:

Find a quiet place in your space where you can meditate with minimal to no interruption.

If you live with others, you may want to let them know that you will be doing an online meditation event and ask them to avoid interrupting you during that time period. We understand that may not always be possible, so if you do have to get up and do something during an event, please stop your video to avoid distracting others.

We recommend that you clear the space, to the best of your ability, of any items that may cause distractions and turn off all electronic and mobile devices other than the one you’re using to join us online. Try to clear your space of work-related materials, bills, mail, or other distractions.

We encourage you to sit in a posture that supports your meditation practice. If you have a meditation cushion, mat, or chair, you are welcome to use that during the event.

Please avoid side conversations or eating during the event, unless it is during a lunch break.

Step In/Step Out: Be mindful of your speech, including how often you are or aren’t speaking during discussion or Q&A. If you find yourself speaking a lot, please allow space for others who haven’t spoken yet to do so.


Internet Connection:

For an optimal online experience, we recommend having an internet connection that is at least 3.0 Mbps. Please note that if others are using the same internet connection, that will also affect your speed. For more info about system requirements, click here.

You can do a free internet speed test here.

If available, using a cable (ethernet) to connect to your modem or router will provide a more robust, stable and secure internet connection rather than using wifi. If you are experiencing poor audio/video quality during our meetings, please inquire with your internet provider for an upgrade, as well as above mentioned Ethernet connection.


Download Zoom:

The live online events can be accessed using the Zoom software. If you have not already downloaded it to your device, you will be prompted to do so by downloading it via the Zoom website (under “Zoom Client for Meetings”).


Using Your Device:

We advise that you attend via a device with a screen larger than a typical cell phone to enhance your experience.


What to Expect Upon Arrival:

Brief Zoom tips mentioned below will be explained at the beginning of the event, but for those less familiar, we suggest reviewing the Zoom FAQs for full enjoyment of your live online program.

When you arrive, you may be placed in a waiting room until the program officially starts and the host invites you to the meeting.

Your speaker will be muted upon entry, but you will be able to unmute when appropriate.

Everyone who enters has a “name” displayed by their thumbnail that’s associated with their Zoom. You are encouraged to change your name on your Zoom account so that we can identify you.

You can pin the teacher’s video so their image remains on your screen.

At the event, there will be a volunteer or staff available to assist you with navigating this online platform, as well as answering any questions you may have.