About NYI

We Teach What the Buddha Taught


New York Insight is an almost entirely volunteer-run organization. We have only two staff members.

NYI designates teachers based on their years and depth of personal practice and training as well as capability in: pedagogy; study of Buddhist texts, meditation practices and techniques; a working knowledge of our Buddhist lineage and history; and teaching and embodying the application of Dharma in daily life.  Most NYI Teachers are graduates of the Community Dharma Leaders Program (CDL) of Spirit Rock Meditation Center and/or other training programs. Our Teachers are required to continue as students themselves, and dedicate themselves to ongoing study and dharma practice (including yearly residential retreats) and to deepening continually  their understanding and embodiment of the Buddha’s teachings.

NYI Teachers offer ongoing classes and courses and weekend and daylong retreats. Since its inception, NYI has invited Visiting Teachers—beloved and often internationally known monastic and lay teachers from the Insight Meditation community as well as other Buddhist traditions—to offer teachings to the community.

NYI also has peer-led sitting groups led by senior students designated as Peer Leaders, who give basic meditation instruction and facilitate group discussions.

All NYI Teachers, Board Members and Peer Leaders agree to a Code of Ethics grounded in the 5 Precepts. You can download a copy: NYI Code of Ethics.