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We Teach What the Buddha Taught


We Teach What the Buddha Taught

The wisdom available at New York Insight is grounded in the Pali Canon, the oldest extant record of the Buddha’s original teachings. For over 2,000 years, the Pali Canon has provided the foundation for Theravada Buddhist practice. NYI carries the heritage of the Theravada Buddhist tradition, providing New Yorkers a unique and modern opportunity to connect with the wisdom of these teachings to benefit their everyday lives.

We teach more than meditation and offer a variety of courses, retreats, daylongs and other programs to begin or deepen understanding of the profound teachings of the Buddha.  We offer programs both on-site at our beautiful Manhattan center as well as various locations throughout New York City.

Please visit our online calendar under “upcoming events” to see our offerings. You can also download our Fall/Winter calendar: NYI-Fall-Winter-2015

We offer a variety of drop-in, by-donation, ongoing sittings at our center and in Harlem, Brooklyn, and Queens. You can see a list of those offerings here.

In addition, NYI offers Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), an in-depth, secular approach to mindfulness meditation. To learn about MBSR, please click here.