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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Special Events

Amma Thanasanti: Foundations of Peace

October 20-22nd

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Evening Sits with Lama Rod Owens

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday October 23,24,25th

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Bhante Buddharakkhita: Unraveling Difficult Emotions

October 27-29th

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Thanissara and Sebene Selassie: Reclamation of Heart in Our Times of Dismemberment

November 3-4th

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Andy Olendzki: Models of Mind – Dharma and Abhidharma

November 11

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Finding the Way Home:A Residential Retreat

November 16-19

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Jon Kabat-Zinn and Rhonda Magee: Facing Injustice – A Special Benefit Event

December 1-2nd

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Upcoming Events


New York Insight Meditation Center

New York Insight – is an urban center for the practice of mindful awareness, called Insight or Vipassana meditation. NYI programs include talks, weekly sittings and courses as well as daylong and weekend retreats and workshops for the integration of meditation teachings into daily life. NYI strives to be a center that reflects the vivid diversity of the city in which we live. Our center is a place where everyone of different ages, nationalities, cultures, languages, ethnicities, sexual orientation, and spiritual backgrounds is welcome to begin or deepen meditation practice based on the teachings of the Buddha.

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