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Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)


MBSR uses meditation, mindful movement and inquiry as a way of training people to relate differently to stresses in their lives. It was originally developed for patients in chronic pain, and for patients undergoing intensive treatments for cancer, AIDS and other serious illnesses, but has since expanded and been incorporated into the daily lives of thousands of people whether they are dealing with the serious stress of illness or simply the day to day pressures and anxieties of modern life.

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Evening Talk & Book Signing: The Practice Of Effortless Mindfulness


In one of the Tibetan Buddhist traditions, meditation is taught in two stages. The first is deliberate mindfulness, which includes one-pointed focus and non-judgmentally observing the changing contents of our mind and body. The second part is called effortless mindfulness, not because no initial effort is made, but because of the discovery of an awareness that is already awake and able to focus effortlessly.

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Artist Salon

Join our Artists’ Sangha Artists’ Salon and our conversation ‘the intersection of art and dharma.’ Inspired by practice, quotes of significance, Buddha’s words and instruction, our life, and the nature of our times, artists have a need to create and express.

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New to Meditation?

Many NYI programs are appropriate for those new to meditation. You can start one breath at a time.

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