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Seeing the Beautiful

Every moment offers us an opportunity to, as Thich Nat Hanh expressed so wisely, "see what's right." From the beauty of a flower to appreciation for our very life we can cultivate appreciation and open to gratitude. In this day long retreat we will explore how attitudes of appreciation and gratitude can nourish us, bring us joy, and strength even through challenging times.

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Back to the Body with Love

Back to the Body with Love

Mindfulness of the Body is the key to liberation but only if it is infused with kindness and compassion. We'll explore how kindness can melt resistance to reveal the freedom and calm that is the natural state.

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How We Wake Up

In this two-part series we’ll explore awareness and equanimity — two fundamental principles of the Buddha’s teachings essential for formal meditation practice and living a spiritual life.

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New to Meditation?

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