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Membership is vital to the sustainability of our center and a skillful means of honoring what the Buddha referred to as The Triple Gem – by committing to the Sangha, or community of dedicated practitioners, we support the Buddhadharma. Becoming a member at New York Insight supports the circumstances and relationships necessary for us all to grow and awaken on the path.

Membership is an expression of mutual support whereby we are all given the chance to support and nurture a community that supports and nurtures each of us.

We are a diverse city of people of differing financial means, membership is available at many levels and we invite you to support the center and the community by choosing a membership amount that suits your circumstances. Membership starts at $15/month and we encourage you to give as generously as you can, knowing that others will benefit from your generosity.

Further Benefits of Membership:

  • Access to student-teacher meetings (by suggested donation)
  • Priority pre-registration for popular events and world-renowned teachers
  • 15% discount on all registrations
  • Invitations to free special events

You can cancel your membership at any time

What Members are saying

I am a proud member of the New York Insight Meditation Center because I believe that New York City deserves a refuge of love, kindness, peace, and compassion. (Don’t you?)

“I am a member so that I can consistently support NYI the way NYI supports me “

“I am a member of NYI because it helps me stay committed and connected to Sangha. As a member, I am supporting NYI and deepening my own practice of generosity.”

“I am a member because growing up Baptist, the church was a staple in my life. NYI has not only filled that space but unlike my previous experience, I feel at home, at peace and no judgment. I am free to be exactly who I am at that moment. Also, I respect and admire each of the teachers that I have encountered and have benefited immensely from the classes and retreats.”