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“Generosity is a celebration. When we give something to someone we feel connected to them, and our commitment to the path of peace and awareness deepens.”
–Sharon Salzberg

What members are saying

“The world’s greatest Theravadan teachers walk through the doors at NYI. My donation goes to ensure that I, and others, have continued access to these amazing teachers.”
–Jerry Gerber

“New York Insight is a safe haven. It gives me the ability to connect with like-minded people and expand my circle of friends in a safe, spiritual space.”
–Abbey Hoffman

“I’ve always viewed my membership as a foundational commitment to NYI’s well-being and growth. It grants me a stakeholder’s claim to the life of the center — the ongoing care and feeding of a living organization that is not only my spiritual home, but a place that transforms the hearts and minds of all who enter.”
–Tom Carling

“Friends from the sangha are a special kind of friend- there’s a connection of the mind/heart. Membership offers me a way to get closer to the sangha.”
–Ellen S.

“NYI is my spiritual home. I cherish the opportunity to sit with very skillful teachers and feel accepted as I am, without judgment.”
–Duygu Cibik

Spiritual friends embrace each other with understanding, warmth, and appreciation.

Spiritual friends give each other space and support as we explore and grow.

Spiritual friends help each other with our practice, whether facing questions or issues on the cushion or in the world.

New York Insight provides a home for these friendships. We call that home our Circle Of Friends. We grow in our practice both individually and together, nurtured by the tranquility of our meditation hall, the wisdom of our teachers and the generosity of our friends.  The stronger our Circle, the stronger the bonds of friendship and the stronger our spiritual practice will grow.

Please join us! NYI’s Circle of Friends is our new membership program to encourage community interaction, bringing you closer to your spiritual friendships and advancing your steps along the path.

For those who have current memberships, you will be automatically transferred into our Circle of Friends. 

Joining our Circle of Friends is primarily an expression of your generosity and gratitude. We at NYI would like to express our thanks to you by offering all members the following:

  • A 20% discount on registration fees at the “Sustaining” level for most programs featuring guest and NYI teachers.
  • Occasional offerings and gifts to support your practice.
  • Invitations to special member events free of charge. Our next event is on April 17th with Sharon Salzberg.
  • The following are being considered: 
    • Private sessions with NYI teachers
    • Afternoon tea & dharma
    • Family picnics & hiking meditation

Our collective imagination will find the right path. Join us and help us plan!

Joining our Circle of Friends means that you intend to support NYI‘s ongoing costs of rent, teachers, communications, programs and sanghas by offering contributions throughout the year throughout the year either by monthly or annual donations.

If you already are a member, please consider increasing your generosity to a higher monthly or annual level.

Please join our Circle of Friends. Click on the level of giving below that gives you joy.