Vast View, Fine Attention

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Vast View, Fine Attention
with Martin Aylward
Saturday, March 9th, 2019 | 10:00am – 5:00pm

Dharma practice invites us to hold an expansive view of our own lives, and of all reality. Like the sign in a Thai monastery reminds me many years ago: “Relax. In 100 years, all new people!” However caught up we may get in the drama and details of our own preoccupations, we will all soon be dust, all the richness of our lives reduced to that little line between our date of birth and date of death.

Despite this vast view though, which allows us to take ourselves less seriously, we also find that each moment counts. Each gesture, each action, each word. How we treat ourselves, and others, and the world around us, defines us moment by moment. “My view is as spacious as the wide open sky”, said Padmasambhava famously, “but my attention to karma is as fine as grains of flour.”

In this daylong retreat at NY Insight, Martin Aylward will explore the apparent paradox of a vast view combined with a fine attention, along with practices to bring both into focus. How do we hold both simultaneously? How can we be responsive, without feeling responsible? How might we bring both a vast view and a fine attention to both our inner practices, and to our outer engagement, whether in our personal lives or in response to the ecological, political and social crises in which we currently find ourselves.

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Martin Aylward

Martin Aylward

Martin Aylward has been meditating for 30 years and teaching Dharma since 1999. He took a one-way flight to India aged 19 and spent most of the next 4 years in Asian monasteries, retreat centres and Ashrams. Martin practiced with Ajahn Buddhadasa in Thailand and sat annual month-long retreats for 10 years in Bodh Gaya with Christopher Titmuss. He spent 2 years living with Indian Sadhus and Himalayan hermits and 13 years as a student of AH Almaas’ Diamond Approach.

Martin co-founded the Dharma Yatra pilgrimages in France, he is guiding teacher of and founding teacher of Moulin de Chaves, a retreat centre in South West France where he has lived and taught for the last 14 years, and where his children grew up. He is also co-founder with Mark Coleman of the Mindfulness Training Institute,  training Mindfulness teachers in Europe and the US, with 200 graduates from 30 countries worldwide. Find out more at

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