Since we launched our Spring Membership Drive on April 29th, we’ve already surpassed last year’s goal of adding 50 new, renewed or upgraded members. And, we’re on a roll to add another 50 in time for the beginning of summer. On June 3rd our team of volunteers will be reaching out to many of you to encourage you to become more involved and to support NYI. Please say, YES, when they reach out!

Our dedicated Co-Chair of the Friends Leadership Council, Ellen Singer, on why she loves and gives to NYI:

“The reason I am doing this is because it is my way of sharing merit. My membership isn’t for me. I’m not even the most frequent attendee… but it is important to me that this dharma community exists and thrives in NYC. I hope my support benefits all beings that NYI and its members touch, and that our Circle of Friends grows metta outward embracing all with loving kindness in a refuge of love. My monthly donations are my way of planting seeds of this potential.”

If you haven’t joined yet, please click here to join now!

Then come join NYI’s Circle of Friends and meet like-minded and not so like-minded dharma buddies the evening of Monday, June 24th . Our “Still, in the City” event is free to members, and will feature three of our beloved teachers – Rosemary Blake, Angela Dews and Gary Singer. They’ll share meditation practices to help you create peace of mind in the midst of urban chaos, and as contributors to this wonderful book of essays, they’ll sign and give away books free to members who attend. Refreshments, good company and stimulating conversations! Click here for more information.

Please join if you haven’t done so already … and, thank you to all who have. Every dollar helps us offer our tranquil space and our inspiring programs to all.

With gratitude,
Friends Leadership Circle
New York Insight