May 17th, 2020

As NYI Board President, it is with deep sadness that I announce that Jessica Chao is stepping down as NYI’s Executive Director at the end of May to move to the Boston area to be near her family. But with great joy, I also can share with you that she’ll be supporting our transition into the future, so we can continue to be blessed with her energy, enthusiasm and love for NYI’s promise and growing community.

Furthermore, to continue the rapid progress we’ve made since early 2019 – both financially and programmatically (even under the most recent trying circumstances) – the Board has appointed a Search Committee to lead the recruitment for a new Executive Director.

Over the next few weeks the Search Committee not only will be scanning the field and beyond for our special leader, but also will be reaching out to all of NYI’s councils and committees for your input and your networks. Please know at minimum we are resolved to identify an individual with the energy and creativity needed to face the challenges of our time and fearlessly transform them into opportunities. Someone with a deep commitment to diversity and equity; exquisite programming that reflects not only who we are, but more importantly inspires us to be who we want to be; and someone who will love NYI as their dharma home and sangha.

Please help us by sharing the Position Announcement with your personal network to help us find someone to lead NYI into its bright future.

If you are interested in having your voice in this process, please join our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee and/or our Friends Leadership Council, if you aren’t already on one of our councils.

In the meantime, I hope you join the Board and me in our gratitude and appreciation for Jessica’s steadfast leadership and tireless resolve in accomplishing so much at NYI in a short eighteen months. Our progress is unimaginable without her. If it weren’t for Covid-19, we would invite you stop by and express your best wishes in person, but alas, email will have to suffice for now. But Jessica does mention that she isn’t going far and will be dropping into programs online looking forward to participating as a yogi among all of us.

Thank you!

Tom Carling, Board President