Kiki Williams (she/they) is a black, queer, interdisciplinary teacher, meditator, yogi, and dancer, currently residing in Oakland, CA. Originally from Los Angeles, much of her own practice came out of weekly hiking trips, where oak trees, sagebrush, and the quiet of valleys introduced themselves to her as profound sources of wisdom and healing. She found a similar quiet and access to inner wisdom with meditation when she began a formal Vipassana practice 7 years ago. Since then, Kiki has attended many residential retreats, taught meditation in both studio and corporate settings, and has become a practice leader with NYI. Alongside several yoga classes, she currently facilitates the POC and Allies sangha in Brooklyn, as well as a weekly meditation for Doctors Without Borders. Kiki is propelled by the belief that all people have the innate right to thrive, experience unmitigated joy, and to be free, beginning with the freedom we each have the capacity to feel in and through our own body/minds.