Lin Gordon has been practicing insight meditation in the last seven years under the guidance of Jonathan Foust (Insight Meditation Community of Washington), Mark Coleman (Spirit Rock), and various teachers from the insight tradition. In stillness and silence, she discovers the transformative power of mindfulness practices to help live a life of flow, joy, grace and gratitude. In the last few years, Lin was particularly moved by the power of nature meditation practices to connect with a deep sense of well-being, love, wonder, resilience, and connection with a larger world that we are part of. She graduated from Mark Coleman’s Awake in the Wild Nature Meditation Teacher Training in 2017 and has taught nature meditation in NYC and around the country.

She is also inspired by the Ecosattva training from the One Earth Sangha to share nature meditation practices not only as a doorway for personal transformation, but also as a form of environmental activism. By helping people forge a visceral and deep love for the Earth through intimate and direct experiences, Lin hopes that these practices will inspire people to actively protect the Earth.