Dr. Tracy A. Dennis-Tiwary is a Professor of psychology and neuroscience at The City University of New York. She is currently conducting an NIH-funded study of teen anxiety at Hunter College examining the link between anxiety symptoms and neural networks. She has translated two decades of her research on stress and anxiety into the development of the stress-reduction app Personal Zen and has been featured in media outlets such as the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, CBS, CNN, NPR, The Today Show, and Bloomberg Television. She explores the interplay between digital technology and emotional well-being on her blog Psyche’s Circuitry and the Psychology Today Blog More than a Feeling. Her work in mindfulness-based stress reduction in at-risk youth is the topic of the documentary film “Changing Minds at Concord High.” She is the founder and Co-Executive Director of the Hunter College Center for Health Technology and The Stress, Anxiety, and Resilience Research Center.