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Shortly before the Buddha passed away, in his final moments, his cousin and life-long companion Ananda was overcome with grief. The Buddha addressed him with these poignant words...


Good Grief


Buddhism often cites the annihilation of the fear of death as a primary benefit of meditation practice. Some teachings imply, and others outright state, that Buddhism is the only way a person can ever truly come to grips with the inevitability of death- our own and those we love. As I understand the logic, unless you intensively train in what are traditionally called the marks of existence- impermanence, suffering and non-self, you’re destined to kick, scream and gnash teeth on your deathbed in bitter remorse for having not meditated more while you were alive. There’s just one tiny problem with this idea in my opinion; it ain’t true.

Good Grief2017-01-08T23:59:16-04:00

Dear Abhi–Dhamma: Where Do My Needs Fit?


Dear Abhi–dhamma: Where do my needs fit into a relationship? How to understand if I'm feeling - reacting to a story in my mind vs the energy/tone from someone else? If the other person in a relationship asserts her intentions are good and kind, is it still possible some other tonality is coming through? How do I know when I'm asking for something unreasonable or not? Am I meant to not ask for anything?

Dear Abhi–Dhamma: Where Do My Needs Fit?2017-01-09T00:36:34-04:00

On Knowing the Path


All paths of practice must begin with a simple question. How do we know where to start? In the Cankī Sutta (Majjhima Nikaya 95), the Buddha debates a young Brahmin named Kāpaṭhika, who has faith in the Vedas, and only the Vedas, as his religious guide. In opposing the boy's approach, the Buddha gives a detailed overview of how he believes one is supposed to assess any proposed dhamma, and not be led astray. The question he raises is deep and profound. How do we choose the proper path? How do we ensure we aren't following false teachings? Most generally, how are we to discover the truth?

On Knowing the Path2017-07-29T21:36:20-04:00

Not Without You!


As we move into another year, New York Insight would like to thank those sangha members who were so generous with their time, creative energy, and presence - the volunteers.

Not Without You!2017-01-09T08:11:18-04:00

Our New Registration Model


As an Urban Community Dharma Center we are continually balancing our mission to provide access to these powerful teachings with our challenges to be financially resilient as a not-for-profit organization. We have a commitment that no one is turned away from the teachings for lack of funds and have an open scholarship policy that ensures that our programs remain accessible to all.

Our New Registration Model2017-01-09T08:11:57-04:00

Dear Abhi-Dhamma: Working with a Tight Jaw


Dear Abhi, What Advice can you give me about having a tight jaw when meditationg. I have tried to place my tongue behind the bottom teeth, but this does not have a strong effect. Are there other ways to release the jaw when sitting?

Dear Abhi-Dhamma: Working with a Tight Jaw2017-01-09T08:12:26-04:00

Dear Abhi-Dhamma: Choice vs Selfishness


Dear Abhi-dhamma, One of the big questions for me in my practice has been how to balance and discriminate between the contingent feelings and emotions rooted in ego and self and those things that, upon examination, appear on the surface to be selfish, but taken in a purely objective view (e.g. outside of the perspective of practice) have the potential to simply be seen as personal choice.

Dear Abhi-Dhamma: Choice vs Selfishness2017-01-09T08:13:45-04:00

Dear Abhi-Dhamma: How to Practice far from Sangha


Dear Abhi-dhamma, I have practiced meditation on and off for years. It is so frustrating when I stop, to get restarted in a daily practice. I was in a Sangha, and moved from the area, and very far to return. I am sure others have this struggle. Thank you for your assistance.

Dear Abhi-Dhamma: How to Practice far from Sangha2017-01-09T08:14:59-04:00

Meditating on Real Estate


Not long ago my parents decided to sell their country place. It was a house I spent part of my childhood in, and one we used on weekends. When I was younger and less firmly urbanized I even thought I wanted to live there. Its loss means the loss of part of my past, as well as the loss of a place at which we enjoyed spending time.

Meditating on Real Estate2017-01-09T08:15:14-04:00