The Next Buddha is Sangha

“Men anpil, chay pa lou.”
Many hands make the load light.
–Haitian expression

As we move into another year, New York Insight would like to thank those sangha members who were so generous with their time, creative energy, and presence – the volunteers.

A little history: in 1997 a group of like-minded individuals committed to realizing their vision of a center to help cultivate awareness and foster a contemplative life right in the heart of one of the world’s busiest cities.

To achieve this vision, NYI is an almost entirely volunteer-run organization. To help deliver our programs, we have always relied heavily on a small but committed group of people. In return, these dedicated individuals have the satisfaction of knowing  NYI couldn’t exist without them.

These volunteers assist in almost every way possible: from answering emails, updating the website, and creating monthly flyers to cleaning the center and opening and closing the center for events and weekly sits.  Many of them have been with New York Insight since the beginning and many serve in more than one capacity.

New York Insight would like to acknowledge the following people who made 2013 a great year.  We bow in deep gratitude to your continued generosity, support & practice.

On behalf of Sebene Selassie, Executive Director; Dalila Bothwell, Deputy Director; and the NYI Board of Directors and Teachers  – THANK YOU!

Operations Volunteers
Shubha Bala (event flyers, audio editing)
Lenore Beaky (administration)
Steven Bluestone (administration)
Bridget Brosnan (floral arrangements)
Tom Carling (graphic design)
Joanne Dittersdorf (website)
Dale Fuller (website)
Michael Hix (audio editing)
Hyon Joo Kim (monthly flyer design, event flyers)
Diana Kirigin (adminstration, database management)
Janet Leon, Kathleen Lyon (housekeeping)
Greg Lopez (outreach, registration)
Lani Miller, Kathleen Rollo Ferrara (social events and monastic hospitality)
Haden Peterson (database management)
Gunnel Rydstrom (database management)
Aaron Schultz (audio editing)
Kyle Smith (communications)
Laura Torres (floorcare)
Cliff Wallshein (facility repairs)

 Event Volunteers
Onika Abraham
Shuba Bala
Constance Barrett
Trudy Baylock
Chrissy Benson
Ashley Brown
Heather Brown
Christina Campanella
Amber Canty
Jack Castro
Cheryl Chalmers
Cheryl Costello
Diana Crowder
Huw Daniel
Satarupa Das
Mira de Jong
Angela Dews
Regina Eaton
Lisa Ente
Betsey Epstein
Jacqueline Ferrer
Laura Fisher
Thomas Flood
Tamara Freeman
Valerie Geiss
Cory Goldblatt
Jordan Goldstein
Cynthia Golembeski
Lin Gordon
Benton Greene
Ryssel Guzman
Shelley Hainer
Ellie Ismailidou
David James
Lucy Kenyon
Diana Kirigin
Chris Kirkwood
Michele Kong
Betsabe Luna
Greg Lopez
Serena Martino
Gregg Mayer
Guillerma Moreno
Efua Morgan
Juliette Ozkalfayan
David Passiak
Laraine Pearson
Marilyn Penrose
Haden Peterson
Elaine Porche
Reka Prasad
Amit Primor
Monique Roberts
Kathleen Rollo Ferrara
John Russello
Sarah Sachs
Laura Selikson
Hannah Sherman
Brett Stevenson
Timothy Sullivan
Tricia Stoffel
Paul Vakerling
Regina Valdez
Rima Vesely-Flad
Beth Weinstein
Heike Weld
Polly Wheat
Joelle Williams
Blonka Winkfield
Jason Witenstein-Weaver
Jessica Witenstein-Weaver
Helen Wolff

Todd Anderson
Dalila Bothwell
Heather Brown
Jack Carter
Stephen Cellucci
Frannie Hoff
Phil Hoff
David James
Kathy Levin
Amy Selzer
Brian Simmons
Hope Turner
Dan Vazquez

NYI Board Members
Bob Agolia
Tom Carling
Huw Daniel
Hedy Kober
Elaine Retholtz
Joseph Schmidt
Sebene Selassie
Gina Sharpe
Sandra Weinberg
Blonka Winkfield
Bill Woodson

All the Summer 2013 Day of Service Volunteers