The Next Buddha is Sangha

As we witness and engage in the challenges and expressions of anguish in our world, we also see the joy and inexpressible beauty in all of life. When we take refuge in the Buddha, we remember that like us, the Buddha was a human being, and our refuge in Awakened Mind/Heart realizes our potential—luminous, spotless, wise, allowing the expression of wisdom and compassion in the truth of how things are.

The qualities of Buddhamind/heart are chanted daily in Buddhist monasteries: elimination of greed, aversion and ignorance; wisdom; endowment with knowledge, living in concord with that knowledge; adept in the art of choosing the right words to benefit the listener; beautiful and excellent; seer of the world as it really is; incomparable tamer of the conditioned mind/heart; exalted, fulfilling the ten perfections.

Reflecting and contemplating, we are “the one who knows truth” and “acts in accordance with that knowing.” Wisdom is already here.  We know the world as it is and as it arises in consciousness—the fears, desires, views and opinions, perceptions that come and go in the mind.

In taking refuge in the Buddha, we allow that-which-is-wise to lead us.  We turn to our Buddha-wisdom—it trains us to live in a skillful way, as individuals in these bodies and as heartful members of the collective, in wisdom, goodness and kindness.  We learn to be of benefit, rather than harm, to the world.  Buddha is the teacher.  We are the teacher.  The Buddha, as refuge, trains all to see things as they are, to embody truth.

Take refuge in the awakened mind/heart in the midst of the world.

With metta,
Gina Sharpe
Guiding Teacher