Online: Liberation of the Heart

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Online: Liberation of the Heart

with Bhante Sumano

Tuesday April 6th, 2021 | 7:00pm – 9:00pm ET

Facing the challenges of our lives with compassion and determination is what allows us to enter the peace and stillness of meditation. That stillness, in turn, sets the stage for transformative insights to emerge.

Join Buddhist monk Bhante Sumano for a discussion of five common obstacles to practice and the antidotes we can skilfully apply in response. After some meditation and a talk, there will be room for Q&A and open discussion.

This evening is co-presented by Buddhist Insights.


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Bhante Sumano

Bhante Sumano is a Jamaican Buddhist monk. Rather than adhering to one tradition of Buddhism, Bhante Sumano prefers to seek the essence of the Buddhadhamma present in all traditions. He practices in accordance with the teachings of the Buddha as described in the early Buddhist texts, and also values the contemporary wisdom of past and present meditation masters. Seeing that the Dhamma is ultimately a practice of the heart, Bhante Sumano is most interested in the teachings that lead to final liberation. He currently resides at Empty Cloud Monastery in West Orange, New Jersey.

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