Online: Living a Principled Life

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Online: Living a Principled Life
with Bhante Pamutto
Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020 | 7:00pm – 9:00pm ET

The road to complete freedom is long, and as we walk it our lives will continue to change around us. How do we stay on the path through the ups and downs of life? Bhante Pamutto will discuss the Eightfold Path not just as a blueprint for liberation, but a description of the stable core to a life that is beautiful from beginning to end.

This evening is co-presented by Buddhist Insights.

All are invited to Empty Cloud Monastery to practice safely outdoors during public events, and to follow online during the almost-daily meditations, talks, and sutta study. Empty Cloud, located in West Orange, New Jersey, is operated entirely on dana/donations by Buddhist Insights. Please visit for more information.


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Bhante Pamutto

Bhante Pamutto was born in New Jersey, USA, and ordained in 2010 in the Thai Forest Tradition of Theravada Buddhism. In 2015, after seven years of training, he set out on a period of solo wandering to cultivate the austere ‘dhutanga’ practices. He happily lived and taught dhamma that way for three years until serious illness forced him to disrobe. After a long recovery, he returned to robes in September of 2020, still deeply committed to fostering Buddhist practice and monastic training in the U.S. He currently resides at Empty Cloud Monastery in NJ.

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