Now Online: Together Under the Bodhi Tree – A Short Course on the Buddha’s Teachings

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Now Online: Together Under the Bodhi Tree – A Short Course on the Buddha’s Teachings

with Bart Van Melik

Wednesdays, May 6th – May 27th, 2020 | 7:00pm – 9:00pm

Nowadays the Buddha’s teachings are widely available in many forms – more than ever before. Yet, it can feel like quite a personal endeavor to study these ancient teachings. Often we miss the intimacy students might have felt while they were sitting together with the Buddha under the Bodhi Tree.

Dharma Contemplation is a relational meditation practice that enables us to enter into the Buddha’s teachings in a profound way by revealing many layers of meaning in these ancient texts. Participants begin by contemplating a short excerpt of the Buddha’s teachings and over the course of five distinct practice phases engage one another, speaking the truth and listening deeply. Participants move from engagements with just the words of the text, then to the emotional resonances it evokes. This leads to a cognitive investigation of the meaning and finally, setting the text aside, to an exploration of present moment experience: how has this life been touched by the Buddha’s words?

In Dharma Contemplation the wisdom we are contemplating comes directly from the Buddha via his oral teachings, which have been passed down in the Pali texts for over two thousand years. Just as we can experience intimate and elucidating contact with a good friend or teacher —mind to mind and heart to heart—, we can do so with the Buddha via his legacy in a remarkably direct way: human to human, Buddha to Buddha. Dharma Contemplation provides a structure to help us realize this capacity.


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Bart van Melik

Bart van Melik found meditation in 2003 and has been teaching meditation since 2009, bringing the practice to diverse communities like juvenile detention centers, homeless shelters and NYC public schools. He is passionate about supporting people to discover how they can find new ways to relate to life’s stresses. Bart graduated from the IMS/Spirit Rock Teacher Training.

“Whatever one frequently thinks and ponders upon, that will become the inclination of one’s mind.” Buddha

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