The Next Buddha is Sangha

Hello Dear Friends,

On Wednesday evening September 7th we held an “All Sangha Gathering” here at New York Insight. The administration shared some general information in a powerpoint presentation about the day-to-day business workings of our sangha.  (See it here).  This was followed by a robust brainstorming session.

There were many good ideas offered into the circle and they are now hanging up on flip charts at the center. Please stop by and write your comments on them. If you can’t stop by, they are listed below and we invite you to please share your thoughts in the comments section.

It was quite a wonderful and nourishing evening. How lovely it is to ponder new directions mindfully and with “Sangha Eyes.” Many voices were heard.

A big thank you to all who participated that evening, and to all who are participating now through this blog. A deep bow of gratitude.

With metta,

Gregg, Molicia and Vivian


Ideas for New York Insight from All Sangha Meeting:

Group 1

  1. New ways to encourage volunteering- demystify level of commitment/explain how easy it is
  2. Daily 30-minute sit- morning or lunchtime or 5pm-ish

Group 2

  1. More community activities (such as a dharma book club, story slam, performance night)
  2. Monthly membership fee to attend sits/events
  3. Peer monthly group to discuss practice/study of dharma (such as meeting to discuss what we’re learning on online courses)
  4. Dharma and application to the politics of our country

Group 3

  1. Mo’ members! Emphasis on monthly membership. Membership person at exit after meetings
  2. Parent Children Sessions- Parents attend teaching children to attend “Sunday School” where they are taught about meditation- stories of the Buddha- good Buddhist teaching stories
  3. Programs (e.g. peer-led sit) on holidays- Christmas Day, July 4th

Group 4

  1. Regular All Community Sangha Gatherings (Better than or equal to membership)
  2. Membership Campaign- “ongoing”- Video on website with various members entertaining with dialogue, song, improv

Group 5

  1. Promote member benefits more aggressively. Clarify process of member/teacher meetings
  2. Celebrate/acknowledge members with special member events. List new members on NYI emails (e.x. “Member of the Month”)

Group 6

  1. Group for very experienced students to meet regularly with a senior teacher to deepen his/her practice. Limit group to 20-25 students so the teacher can get to know the students’ practice deeply.
  2. Start community service projects in the larger NYC area (possibly facilitated by a teacher).
  3. Courses in Brooklyn

Group 7

  1. Family program
  2. Store (Buddhist like @ Kripalu and Omega)
  3. Meet at people’s homes instead of new space
  4. More community involvement in newsletter
  5. There should be membership benefits
  6. Community volunteer service (like partner with Buddhist Global Action Committee)
  7. Sitting groups for artists
  8. Message board for community reach