“Now we have a clear idea of the collective dangers that we face today and we can see on the horizon a glimmer of hope for a better shared future. Now we must walk the path, the path that will take us towards the future that we are presently hoping for. We know the direction in which we have to move. Now we have to start moving before it is too late.” ~Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi

Researchers believe that global warming is already responsible for 150,000 deaths each year around the world, a number that may double by 2030. In addition, research from the National Academy of Science has linked the suicides of nearly 60,000 Indian farmers to climate change. Many of those we see at our border today were subsistence farmers from the Northern Triangle who, because of a five-year drought, can no longer eke out a living for their families.

If you find yourself overwhelmed with climate change, unsure what it all means, and maybe even a little intimidated by the science of it all, it’s time for Right Action! “Right Action in the Anthropocene:A Buddhist Response to Global Warming” is an upcoming event at New York Insight that will help you understand what climate change is and introduce you to the fundamentals of climate science. We’ll also spend time in meditation, exploring how compassion and loving-kindness can help us become better stewards of the planet.

Climate change. It isn’t a buzzword. It’s real, and it’s here to stay, and it will change everything you’ve ever known. Join us at New York Insight for a panel discussion on Friday, September 6th, and spend the day with Bhikkhu Bodhi and other special guests on Saturday, September 7th, to explore the right action to take today for a better tomorrow.