The Way of Mindfulness and Recovery


The Way of Mindfulness and Recovery by Kevin Griffin Join Kevin Griffin on Saturday and Sunday, May 2nd-3rd, 2020 for an online weekend retreat practicing mindfulness meditation and exploring recovery and the Twelve Steps through a Buddhist lens. Click here for more info and registration. What is mindfulness? As this practice and Buddhist [...]

The Way of Mindfulness and Recovery2020-04-29T23:48:34-04:00

Announcement Regarding COVID-19


  New York Insight COVID-19 Response Update April 15, 2020 Community Survey: What are you most concerned about? How can NYI help?In late March, NYI’s Friends Leadership Council (our membership committee) sent out a short Community Survey to find out as quickly as possible how you are faring under the Covid-19 pandemic and Executive [...]

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2019 in Numbers & How You Can Help


New York Insight's first IMS Urban Retreat Donate Now! 2019 in Numbers & How You Can Help As we approach the end of 2019 and look ahead to 2020, lets reflect on what New York Insight has accomplished and how you can help support our path toward our shared future. [...]

2019 in Numbers & How You Can Help2019-12-02T12:22:16-05:00

Looking Towards 2020 and Beyond


Dearest Sangha, During this season of gratitude, I invite you to reflect with me on what we’ve experienced and accomplished together since last fall, and to open your hearts as we embrace our future. Since January when I became NYI’s Executive Director, I have sat with you as we listened, learned and practiced [...]

Looking Towards 2020 and Beyond2019-10-27T11:56:12-04:00

Video: Ego, Buddhism & Freud with Mark Epstein


"You" might not be as real as you think you are. In this short video below, author and psychologist Mark Epstein explains what Buddhism has to say about living ego-free, and how Freud misunderstood it. Join Mark at New York Insight on Wednesday, October 16th, 2019 for an evening discussion examining the relationship [...]

Video: Ego, Buddhism & Freud with Mark Epstein2019-09-24T21:17:14-04:00

Kindness in Action is Dharma in Action


By Bart van Melik. Strengthening one’s resiliency is another way of saying strengthening one’s heart so it has the reserves to still reach out even under the most trying conditions. Are we strong enough to connect? Are we strong enough to be vulnerable? Strong enough to release the judging mind? Will we put kindness into action?

Kindness in Action is Dharma in Action2019-08-27T11:57:49-04:00

Bhikkhu Bodhi’s Powerful Addresses to the United Nations on Climate Change


“Now we have a clear idea of the collective dangers that we face today and we can see on the horizon a glimmer of hope for a better shared future. Now we must walk the path, the path that will take us towards the future that we are presently hoping for. We know the [...]

Bhikkhu Bodhi’s Powerful Addresses to the United Nations on Climate Change2019-07-26T21:58:26-04:00

The POC Sangha Changed My Life


The POC Sangha Changed My Lifeby Julio RiveraBack in November of 2017, I was going through a dark period trying to figure out ways to deal with my overwhelming sense of stress and anxiety. I had been meditating for sometime, but I hit a ceiling and began searching for guidance. I hunted New York [...]

The POC Sangha Changed My Life2019-07-01T11:22:22-04:00

It’s June, are you Still, in the City?


Since we launched our Spring Membership Drive on April 29th, we’ve already surpassed last year’s goal of adding 50 new, renewed or upgraded members. And, we’re on a roll to add another 50 in time for the beginning of summer. On June 3rd our team of volunteers will be reaching out to many [...]

It’s June, are you Still, in the City?2019-05-31T15:15:37-04:00

Finding My Spiritual Home


Finding My Spiritual Home by Erin O’Connor, NYI Community Member In September 2013, I attended a retreat for women on the west coast. A big takeaway from that retreat was how much I really needed to find a spiritual home – to have people who are on the path and can offer me [...]

Finding My Spiritual Home2019-04-28T21:29:06-04:00
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