The Growth Choice: Developing the Resilience, Courage and Inner Resources to Alleviate Shame, Imposter Syndrome and Avoidance Coping

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The Growth Choice: Developing the Resilience, Courage and Inner Resources to Alleviate Shame, Imposter Syndrome and Avoidance Coping
with Josh Korda and Kathy Cherry
Sunday, December 15th, 2019 | 10:00am to 4:00pm


In this daylong event, we’ll discuss the relational wounds that underly low self-worth, procrastination, perfectionism and core shame, all of which are implicit behaviors which are resistant to change.

The talks will integrate insights from early Buddhist traditions with contemporary attachment theory. Various guided visualizations, breathwork sessions, and insight meditation practices will be introduced and practiced, as well as times set aside for questions, light movement and community interaction.

If possible, participants should bring a yoga mat for the breathwork portion of the daylong, where we’ll be lying down for these exercises.


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Josh Korda

Josh Korda is Buddhist pastor and counselor, as well as an author of books and articles exploring the intersections of contemporary therapeutic modalities, especially focusing on integrating attachment theory with the principles of Buddhist psychology. Since 2005 Josh has been the guiding teacher of a large spiritual community in New York with over 4000 members; his podcast, on buddhist psychology, has accumulated 2.5 million downloads. For the last 15 years his work has focused on providing one-on-one spiritual counseling to hundreds of members of the Dharma Punx NYC community, which is largely composed of individuals in recovery and addressing attachment disturbances. Josh’s latest publication is ‘Unsubscribe’ (Wisdom Publishers/Simon & Schuster).

Kathy Cherry

With almost two decades of dedicated mindfulness practice in the Insight Meditation tradition, Kathy is a founding member of DharmaPunx NYC. Since 2012, Spirit Rock Teacher Heather Sundberg has been her primary teacher, supporting practice & providing ongoing mentoring in her capacity as a teacher. Additionally, Kathy is an Against the Stream Buddhist Meditation Community Facilitator, has completed a 400 hour coaching certification through iPEC and is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner in Training. In addition to teaching weekly classes at DharmaPunx NYC and MNDFL, Kathy is available for corporate and individual sessions geared towards developing mindfulness in daily life and leads regular Breathwork Circles for adventurous folks who want to take a deep dive into altered states of consciousness. Kathy’s mentoring style emphasizes embodiment, compassion and practical wisdom both on and off the cushion.

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