Online: Radical Friendship Roundtable – Sangha in a Pandemic

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Online: Radical Friendship Roundtable – Sangha in a Pandemic
with Kate Johnson, Stacy McClendon, Dawn Mauricio, Jozen Tamori Gibson and JD Doyle
Friday, September 17th, 2021 | 7:00pm – 9:00pm ET

How can we give and receive true spiritual friendship in a time of isolation and uprising? Join us as we celebrate the release of dharma teacher Kate Johnson’s new book, Radical Friendship: Seven Ways to Love Yourself and Find Your People in an Unjust World, (Shambhala Publications), with a round table discussion on what radical friendship means within Buddhist communities and beyond.

In this special book launch event, Kate will be joined by leaders from Insight Meditation centers from across North America to help us all explore who we want to be, and who we want to have by our sides, as we navigate injustice on the path to liberation.


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Kate Johnson

Kate JohnsonKate Johnson is a meditation teacher, facilitator, and author of Radical Friendship: Seven Ways to Love Yourself and Find Your People in an Unjust World. She teaches classes and retreats integrating Buddhist meditation, somatics, social justice and creativity at Spirit Rock Meditation Center, the Kripalu Center, the Omega Institute, the Rubin Museum NYC, and the Institute of Contemporary Art in Philadelphia. When she’s not teaching the dharma, Kate contracts with organizations to help them achieve greater equity and sustainability in their inner and outer work. In addition, she is an utterly unprofessional dancer and performer who earned a BFA in Dance from The Alvin Ailey School/Fordham University and an MA in Performance Studies from NYU.

Stacy McClendon

Stacy McClendon is the cofounder of the Truth and Justice vigils — weekly meditation and dialogue sessions that took place during and after the trials of the men charged with murdering George Floyd. She has been a student of Insight (Vipassana) meditation for 15 years. She completed the Dharma Leadership Training program at Common Ground Meditation Center, where she teaches and served on the Board of Directors. She is also the co-founder of the BIPOC practice group at Common Ground, and offers community- and workplace-based groups in the Minneapolis area. Stacy’s offerings are deeply rooted in integrating the heart practices and present moment awareness in daily life.

Dawn Mauricio

Dawn Mauricio (she/her) has been practicing and studying Insight Meditation since 2005, and has graduated from the first teacher development group of True North Insight, and Spirit Rock’s Mindfulness Yoga and Meditation Training, Dedicated Practitioners’ Program, and 4-year Retreat Teacher Training. She teaches with a playful, dynamic, and heartfelt approach to teens, people of color, and folks of all backgrounds. Dawn leads daylongs, retreats, multi-year programs, and mindfulness workshops in Canada and the US for Spirit Rock, True North Insight, and Inward Bound Mindfulness Education. Dawn serves on the board and guiding teachers council of True North Insight, as well as the leadership council for Sacred Mountain Sangha. She is also the author of “Mindfulness Meditation for Beginners”. For more information, visit

Jozen Tamori Gibson

Jozen Tamori Gibson (they, them) began formal meditation practice in 2004 through Sotō Zen while living in Japan joined by a Theravada practice in 2010. Jozen is a graduate of the four-year Insight Meditation Society (IMS) Dharma Teacher Training program and serves on the New York Insight Meditation Center’s teacher council. With certifications and embodiment studies in Yoga, Qigong, Indigenous Focusing Oriented Therapy (IFOT) and Complex Trauma, Jozen lives to provide and nourish contemplative mind-heart-body alignment practices and spaces rooted in wellness, anti-oppression and interdependent liberation for all beings. Jozen honors the wisdom and compassion of all teachers, highlighting their mother, Akimi, and dharma root teacher, Pamela Weiss.

JD Doyle

JD Doyle is the new guiding teacher at Insight Santa Cruz Buddhist Meditation Community. They are a graduate of Spirit Rock Meditation Center’s Teacher Training, the Community Dharma Leader training, and the Dedicated Practitioner Program. In 1995, JD began studying and practicing Buddhism at Insight Meditation Society and Spirit Rock and continued with extensive retreat practice in Thailand and Burma in the Theravadan lineage. JD is a Core Teacher at the East Bay Meditation Center in Oakland, CA, and teaches at sanghas in the Bay area and across the US. For over twenty-three years, they worked as a public-school teacher. JD holds a BS in Environmental Studies from Cornell University, a bilingual multicultural teaching certificate from UC Santa Cruz, and a Masters in Language and Literacy and Sociocultural Studies from the University of New Mexico. JD identifies as gender non-conforming and uses the pronouns they/them/theirs.

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