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Announcement Regarding COVID-19


Update on Monday, March 16th, 2020: During this emergency, please check our web site and your emails for late breaking news and information about our programs and sanghas. Also, do check your spam filter periodically for messages from NYI that might not have made it into your email inbox. Update on Friday, March [...]

Announcement Regarding COVID-192020-03-16T21:56:07-04:00

The POC Sangha Changed My Life


The POC Sangha Changed My Lifeby Julio RiveraBack in November of 2017, I was going through a dark period trying to figure out ways to deal with my overwhelming sense of stress and anxiety. I had been meditating for sometime, but I hit a ceiling and began searching for guidance. I hunted New York [...]

The POC Sangha Changed My Life2019-07-01T11:22:22-04:00

It’s June, are you Still, in the City?


Since we launched our Spring Membership Drive on April 29th, we’ve already surpassed last year’s goal of adding 50 new, renewed or upgraded members. And, we’re on a roll to add another 50 in time for the beginning of summer. On June 3rd our team of volunteers will be reaching out to many [...]

It’s June, are you Still, in the City?2019-05-31T15:15:37-04:00

Finding My Spiritual Home


Finding My Spiritual Home by Erin O’Connor, NYI Community Member In September 2013, I attended a retreat for women on the west coast. A big takeaway from that retreat was how much I really needed to find a spiritual home – to have people who are on the path and can offer me [...]

Finding My Spiritual Home2019-04-28T21:29:06-04:00